In our last article we had explained the importance of website for business. Today we are going to discuss why responsive web design is more importance in this days.

Responsive web design is a web development technique that make dynamic modifications to the look and feel of a website, based upon the display screen dimensions and arrangement of the gadget being utilized to see it. In simple term, when end user visits the website in any device, the whole website should be accessible without any interruption.

Following are most important factors that why responsive web design necessary :

1) Best User Experience: Based on layout and UI – it’s very important to make maximum user experience of website. It really matters to increase leads and increase conversation with end user. User Experience means – A website where “end-user / customer can understand easily everything”. And website is a one type of mediator to explore our services or products to end-user. We can manage that with making best user experience using responsive website.

2) User Ratio: we all knows that – nowadays all users have android or apple or windows phones. In Canada there are 84.87% users are using this type of mobile phones and from that 79% of peoples are using internet in their mobile phone or tablet. So most users will check your websites in mobile of tablet first. So responsive website is important to increase conversion ratio.

3) Improve Conversion Ratio: If customer or user can understand concept of business easily than it’s very simple to convert them into our business leads. Responsive web designing can help for this. If there are clear flow and user can see all things easily than it would improve business’s conversion ratio.

4) Cost Effective: Before some years, there are no options to make responsive website. So on those day if you want to make a mobile supported website then you has to develop another website only for mobile – and it was costly and hard to maintain both websites. But nowadays it’s possible to make a website which supports in all devices so it’s cost effective with responsive web designing for business.

5) Faster – Smarter: we all knows that there are some websites which are taking too much time to load. But with some smart code we can do that very faster. We are going to target mobile & tab users using our website, so it should be faster & smarter than competitors of our business. So user can make conversation in speed.

6) Improve Google Ranking: Google – most important to explore our business on web. Google is a search engine which improving and changing their rules for search ranking. Nowadays there are very important rule to increase our search ranking in Google – it’s a device friendly. Your website should be device friendly (Responsive) to increase ranking of your business through website. So it’s a very important reason to make responsive web design.

7) SEO Benefits: based on Google search engine we can get better ranking using responsive website and also using that we can also improve website for other search engines. SEO will help us to get more traffic on website and we can get more leads from our website based on that.

8) Attract User Traffic: if our website is responsive and working faster – smarter than others, than we can get success to attract users or customers. Based on User Interface of website we can improve website’s visitors, and based on that we can get nice ranking and also we can get nice traffic.

So that are all reasons to have responsive website of business. If you want to learn more about website development and designing or you want to what is other thing you have to keep in website for great conversation – than you can contact me directly on –  we will provide you perfect solution for your business website.