Website Traffic!!! Website Traffic!!! Website Traffic!!! A biggest headache for any blog owner.

So many blog owners give their best to promote their blog to get a good amount of visits but they can’t. Due to this complication many new bloggers fails to make blog alive. Have you ever tried to find out the reason behind that?

What are the tricks to get immense traffic from search engine?

How can i get large visitors to my blog or site?

Don’t worry this post will helps you to sort out your all question.

Now First we find WHY bloggers not achieve their desired traffic? Because they are not concentrating on their SEO and SMO strategy, they are not interact with their reader. There are so many other reasons but these basic reasons can KILL your blog. Following are few tips to get traffic

1 – Speciality of your Blog

When we start do anything, we should have to arise question WHY? Ask yourself why readers will read your blog? Is there anything special for them? If you acquire a satisfying answer, you will get visitors.

Then select a quirky design which is professional in look and add well designed, attractive logo for your website. If you are using WordPress to build your blog or website [How to setup WordPress], there are lots of free themes sites available on the internet. is a better option to find out free wordpress themes, where you will get multiple selection option according to your requirement. Now optimize your site for desktop and mobiles. I always use woorank to optimize website.

Some tips to choose Theme:

2 – Keyword Research

This is the biggest reason behind blog does not get search engine traffic. Many bloggers doesn’t find effective keywords to grow their blog’s search traffic. If you wrote up a good and interesting content but do not have correct SEO plan that includes a great keywords in post, will not rank in search engine result which result as no visitors or readers. If you do not know how to choose effective keywords for your post, research your competitor’s post and take idea from their post.



3 – Amazing power of Social Media

To get traffic from search engine, it will required extra efforts and time but social media is a platform where blogger can get instant traffic. You do not need to wait for huge amount of followers and friends on Ttwitter and Facebook to drive them on your post. You just have to boost your post at right time when your network is active.

4 – Eye Catchy Headline

Most of people click the link by reading headlines, means headline plays a major role in content promotion or to drive user to your post. If your headline is not interesting, they will not click onto that. So, this is the most important factor to make user to your visitor.

That’s it from my side. If you think there is some other points also important to increase traffic, just lemme know. I will try my best to understand and explain it for you. Please leave your thoughts in comments, so I can serve you better.