The biggest headache for the blogger and webmaster is getting traffic for their website. However, acquire traffic is depends on many factors. Normally we do SEO to drag traffic from search engine. It is very helpful to obtain traffic initially via search engine and make our website popular. But you know the unfashionable content and optimization tricks will not work to get traffic nowadays. Then, what now? Domain Authority. After google announced that Page Rank updation stopped, Domain Authority comes into the picture. It is a major factor to decide a site’s or blog’s quality. So, bloggers are running behind to increase domain authority of their blog.

So, the first question is “what does domain authority mean (DA)?

Domain authority was introduced by MOZ which is a website metric. This metric will show a score out of the 100 which your site gain. High DA, means that you ranked well in the search engine and therefore a good amount of traffic on your site.

But increasing domain authority is not one day game. As we know it plays an important role in SEO, lots of factors included during DA calculation.

Facts about Domain Authority

  • A main factor for higher DA is that how many links back to your site as well as that sites have good repo.
  • You can not change DA score and it is not one day work to get higher DA.
  • It is too difficult to get DA 100, so don’t get upset.
  • It is changed frequently, so do your best and you will see result in next updation.


How to increase domain authority

Now come to the main question of this post, how do I increase DA?

For good link profile, 2 things you have to do:

Delete Bad backlinks

Find all the links which is pointing out your website and list out bad links which are low-quality links. Then disavow them.

Earn Good backlinks

It is a tough job but not impossible. Lots of hard work required to gain good backlink. For that you have to post a good content on your own blog or site, you can also contribute a post to other reputed website as a guest author. Content Marketing plays an important role in SEO world.

Now some steps for you to improve DA.

Step 1 : Technical SEO

Technical SEO is a key factor to improve domain authority. Complete all SEO tasks like site structure, navigation, URL structure, meta tags, header and alt tags, keyword research as well as link building using content marketing.

Step 2 : Content Marketing

As Neil Patel discussed in his blog, content marketing directly impact on to the DA. He said that he always create lots of content which other likes to link on their blog. People always like to share when they find something interesting in your content. Neil said he create 1,000 words content which drives traffic to his blog and operate his business.

See here Neil Patel’s blog

Step 3 : Powerful Internal Linking

Internal linking leaves powerful impact on user as well as search engine crawler. The site which does not have good internal linking, not doing good in search engine. To do powerful internal linking, lots of content required.

Step 4 : Delete poor backlinks in regular manner

Find all spammy backlinks of your site and remove it regularly. Most of webmaster do this task when google hit penalty to their site. Don’t wait for penalty, just clean up bad links.

Step 5 : Go for Social

Use social media to promote your content, as we know social media traffic gives us referral traffic. If people impressed with your article, they will share your article and your article will gain more authority.